“What’s that in your hand?” (Exodus 4:2)

Moses had a shepherds’ staff in his hand – an ordinary, but valuable wooden stick. Nothing spectacular. That staff represented his life and livelihood. For 40 years, Moses had wandered in the wilderness herding sheep and protecting them from predators.

From the burning bush, God commanded Moses to “throw it down.” When he did as God instructed, that ordinary shepherds’ staff suddenly morphed into a fiery serpent! When Moses ‘threw it down’, the ordinary turned into the miraculous. Then God commanded Moses to pick up the serpent by the tail. Crazy risky! When Moses bravely obeyed, the serpent turned back into a staff. But this was now … no ordinary staff. 

The things you bring with you have tremendous kingdom value 

God has entrusted each of us with valuable things that He intends we should use for the good of his kingdom and the fulfillment of his purpose. What kinds of things? 

  • special skills and abilities 
  • unique perspectives and understandings
  • compelling passions and interests
  • education and experience 
  • resources and connections

God has put these things in your hands so that you can advance the mission of Jesus and make an impactful difference in the world! 

When was the last time you made a list of the things that God has put in your hand? 

Early last year, I made my list. It took a while, but after much prayerful thought, I eventually came up with a list of 15 things that God had put in my hand. After compiling my list… I asked myself an important follow-up question, and it’s the question that makes all the difference in aligning our lives to his purpose: 

“How can I best invest these things in my hand for the good of God’s kingdom?” 

A divinely inspired idea began to gel in my mind. It became clear to me that the best use of the things in my hand would be for me to raise up workers, resources, and church partners to make disciples of Jesus in the places where He is least known. 

Like Moses, throwing down what’s in my hand, has been intimidating. Sometimes, I feel like I’m grabbing a serpent by the tail! I can relate to Moses!

There’s risk and uncertainty when you ‘throw down’ what God has put in your hand. You never know what might happen! But when you throw it down you turn the ordinary to the miraculous. And when you courageously grab the serpent by the tail…  you set off on an immensely rewarding journey of bold faith and adventure!

So… what’s in your hand? How can you use what’s he’s put in your hand to advance his purpose and make a difference in the world? Ready to ‘throw it down’? 

It’s time to take an inventory

When you work with us at Compel Global, we’ll lead you through a discovery process. Part of that will include a spiritual gifts assessment, a personality assessment, and an exploration of the professional and educational skills God’s put into you. We want you to embark into missions fully away of how you’ve been uniquely wired for kingdom ministry. 

Want to get started?

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