God is on the move all around the world,

even in the most unlikely of places.

Through our international ministry partners, we're able to place called and gifted workers almost anywhere on the planet.

here's a sample of the types of opportunities and roles that we're seeking to fill:

medical professionals in the middle east, central asia, sub-saharan africa, southeast asia, and central america

D, a medical practitioner in the U.S., never dreamed he'd find himself treating patients in a closed country in the former Soviet Union, and yet God has opened that door. In a country where missionaries are strictly forbidden, he's been able to have a profound spiritual impact through compassionate medical care. Medical work provides a desperately needed skill that many countries are eager to have. Medical and community development work allows access to areas where traditional missionary visa's are not easily available. These skills are desperately needed in kingdom work, and they also open doors for spiritual transformation.

medical/community development

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we have opportunities to train pastors in africa, the middle east, eastern europe, and asia. some of these roles are based in the u.s.a. (extension programs) and some are based overseas (residential programs)

After saying yes to the call of God, J has had the opportunity to disciple and train pastors in rural villages in Africa, where thousands of churches have been launched but many pastors have no theological education whatsoever. These pastors have trained other pastors as part of their educational program. As a result, there’s been exponential growth in the depth of the church throughout Western Africa. 

Pastor Training & Discipling

The passion for the church is what drives us, and we’ve identified opportunities to plant churches in most countries on the planet. We can accommodate church planters in The Americas, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific.

G never envisioned that he’d find himself leading a church planting movement in the Middle East. And yet, it’s happened. What started as a simple strategy of discipling a few individuals quickly turned into a church planting movement as house churches spread throughout the Muslim closed access country where he serves. He’s actively looking for more partners.

Church planting

Redemptive business is vital in kingdom work. Countries and societies are transformed when profit creation and the gospel partner together for the good of society. Jobs are created, families are lifted out of despair, and the hope of the Gospel can gain a foothold.

when J went to North Africa, he brought with him his passion for business creation and extreme sports. Upon arrival, the birth of a for-profit business was created. With paying clients from several world areas, the business has hired numerous nationals and transformed the economy where they serve. Better yet, lives have been transformed through disciple making strategies in this business.


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