the heart behind compel global comes from my decades of experience both as a lead pastor and as the ceo of a mission agency.

As a Lead Pastor, I was passionate about engaging our church in God's global agenda. Whenever one of our people expressed a call from God to invest in international ministries, or to serve on the frontlines of global need, I got all excited. My problem was that I didn't have enough bandwidth to competently steer them towards a good fit.

As the CEO of a mission agency, I was passionate about engaging as many people as possible in the Great Commission. My problem was that our organization had a very specific focus and could only place people with very specialized skills in a very small number of places. It broke my heart every time I had to turn away a called and gifted person, just because our organization didn’t have enough places or roles to connect them to.

Because Compel Global represents multiple ministries with hundreds of opportunities all around the world, we can help you get connected with an opportunity that’s a good fit for who God uniquely wired you to be.

Our purpose and passion is to help you find your place of joy and fulfillment in God's global Kingdom.

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We believe in the potential of local churches to transform the nations - and we’re working towards that end.

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We’re a team of pastors and ministry leaders who all have years of experience with inspiring and challenging God’s people to get involved in His global purpose. We’re happy to come speak at your church, missions conference, or university conference.