Welcome to Compel

So… you feel called to serve God in the places where Jesus is least known. Awesome! You’ve got a pretty good idea as to what God wants you to do. Great! But… where does he want you to do it? What mission agency does he want you to serve with? How do you decide?

There are literally thousands of mission agencies. Each one has their own unique culture, ministry emphasis, geographical focus, and theological distinctive. Sifting through all the options and possibilities can be bewildering, overwhelming, and time consuming. For many, the complexities of beginning the process actually stop the journey before it even really gets going. We know. We’ve been there. 

Compel Global is here to help you navigate your way to the nations. Our team is composed of veteran pastors, mission agency leaders, and professional ministry coaches.  With decades of experience in missions mobilization and broad connections in the ministry world, we’ve helped scores of disciple-makers connect to their right ministry fit all throughout the globe. We can help you.

Because Compel Global works with numerous mission agencies, we’re uniquely positioned to objectively to guide you to your ‘best-fit.’ Our commitment is to see you land in a healthy ministry context where you can be effective for Christ and thrive for the long-term. The journey from passion to placement is one that is challenging even for the most equipped and prepared individual. 

In all our conversations with candidates, we’ve realized that there are three things you can do from the very beginning which will highly predict your success on the journey. These are: 

  1. Commit to action
  1. Involve your church community
  1. Understand your unique wiring

Commit to action

…even when the path isn’t clear. 

As we’ve worked with hundreds of candidates exploring mission work, we’ve found that just about all of them want clarity before they begin. It’s human nature – we all want clarity. Here’s a secret – God rarely gives clarity. Instead, He invites us to trust. If you believe you’re called to this, commit to taking action, even in the face of the unknown. We won’t pray for God to bring clarity to your entire journey, instead, we’re praying He gives you the trust to take the next step even in the midst of confusion and lack of clarity. 

…even when you encounter hurdles. 

In our culture today, we’re used to immediate results. Need to look something up? No problem, hop on google. Need access to your bank account? Grab your phone, it’s at your fingertips. With so much of our lives immediately accessible, we’ve often forgotten that important things take time, and obedience over time requires perseverance. This journey won’t happen overnight. In fact, it won’t happen over a month. It’s going to take a while, and it may be tough – most important things are. We’re praying that God gives you the perseverance to commit to forward progress, and to make incremental progress no matter how long the journey takes.

Involve your church community. 

It’s been said that if you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This couldn’t be more accurate in the world of missions work. We believe wholeheartedly that God has designed churches as the sending authority. Mission is the work of churches – they should be included in your journey from day one. If they aren’t involved in your journey yet, start there. Sit with your pastor and invite him to speak into your journey, and ask Him how you can help engage the church in greater levels of mission – this is the opportunity, the responsibility, and the joy you have as a sent one. Embrace it. 

Understand your unique wiring

As much as the journey towards missions is about setting your eyes to the harvest fields, the journey towards missions must also include an inward look. Many of us are so consumed with looking to the future, that we never take the time to explore how we’re made. We’ll never thrive on the field if we fail to see our unique wiring as kingdom equipping. What if God gave you your passions, gifts, experiences, for His purposes?  What if He’s created you as a masterpiece for His glory? We work with you through a discovery process to unpack how you’ve been uniquely created for engaging in His mission. 

If you’re convinced God is calling you to make an impact with your life, you’re committed to action, you’re involving your church, and you’re curious as to how your wired for mission – we can’t wait to talk with you. 

“Sounds like a lot of work” 

It is… but we believe it’s worth it. 

We want to see Jesus known and loved everywhere. For us, that’s a cause worth spending our lives on. 

We’re ‘compelled by the love of Christ.’ (2 Cor.5:14) If you are too, let’s talk.