Giving with wisdom

Here at Compel Global, we believe that everyone can do good. Furthermore, we are designed for good works.

Global philanthropy is a tricky thing – there’s no shortage of causes to give to if you have a global burden, but how do you know who to trust and what’s actually being done with the money on the ground? We’ve all heard horror stories of organizations overseas that well-intentioned donors have given to, then had their donations squandered and taken advantage of.

How to give and who to trust?

This is why Compel Global exists – we screen and vet international projects and ensure their trustworthiness. We want to unleash generosity – we want people to give generously and give with wisdom – that’s why we’re here!

One of the initiates we’re highlighting this month is our anti-trafficking work in Uganda through The Remnant Generation. 6,000 survivors of sexual abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and trafficking have been cared for through a wide variety of residential and community care initiatives within the last 10 years! Once rescued, survivors receive wholistic care which includes food, housing, trauma counseling, medical care, discipleship, job training, and more.

There are more slaves on the planet today than any other time in history. By giving and directly supporting the work of The Remnant Generation (powered by Compel Global), you can help bring an end to the evil of trafficking today! All gifts made to this work go 100% to the work on the ground – nothing comes to Compel Global overhead – thanks to our generous sponsors – The Headwaters Community.

Take action today by giving to this vital work! Click the link here to give

Also, be sure to check out this video from the founder Annabelle:

The Remnant Generation Video