We want to help you captivate the imagination of your people as to how they can change the world.

Not only can we provide compelling mission speakers for your church events, but we can also provide you with connections to trusted partners and projects

We believe that churches who are on board with the mission of God are churches who change the world.

We want to help your church change the world.

we are pastors ourselves.

We created the Compel Global Church Network to help unite your church around the mission of God. Through the network, you'll be equipped with best-practices for creating and nurturing a mobilization culture in your church.

The Compel Global Church Network will:

- Provide you with free resources
- Connect you with a community of other like-minded pastors
- Provide you with free access to webinars on a host of exciting mission-related topics.

We're here to help you. Partnering together, we can help to move your church from missions awareness to mission engagement.