We are a network of missions leaders + pastors who have a passion to unleash the Church for the sake of the harvest.

At Compel Global, we believe it's all connected.

We match GIVERS, SENDERS, and GOERS together so more laborers reach the field.

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(Getting there shouldn't be)

Until now, missions has been difficult to navigate. Sending organizations struggle to find qualified candidates in their niche. Churches search for trustworthy partners. People who want to go and give sift through pamphlets and a jumble of interviews.

It’s time for a different way forward.

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focused. simple. innovative.

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"It's time we do missions from imagination."

Steve Harling, President

We serve mission organizations of all sizes and evangelical denominations, ministering through evangelism, discipleship, theological education, medicine, community development, business as mission, and more.

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Tired of unqualified candidates? Feeling the pressure of unfilled positions? We can help extend your reach to a wider network for mobilization and funding solutions. Our simple, targeted approach discreetly and efficiently fills your roles and keeps you in the driver’s seat. All while saving valuable donor dollars. Seriously.

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We are pastors ourselves. We’ve built Compel Global with a heart to help inspire your church with a God-sized view of the world. Because we have a wide network of opportunities, you don’t have to shop through catalogs to find what fits. We deliver connections to trusted partners, projects, and funding solutions in one step. Let’s move your church from missions awareness to missions engagement.

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You feel the call. Now, make your move. Skip to the front of the line with the mission organization that best fits your calling. We have opportunities from a variety of networks. Even some the public never sees.

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You have a place in God's work and we have a plan to get you there.

We are your trusted friend with global connections and a heart for the nations. We celebrate when God’s kingdom advances. We expose where justice and mercy lack. We reveal the true story of this world. We find your place in it.

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"Compel Global has emerged to fill the gap."

"Mission organizations need help. They are focused on reaching the unreached with the Gospel but struggle with mobilization, fundraising, strategy, and back office support. Now is the time for a creative solution to missions mobilization and support. The staff at Compel Global are experienced, field-tested mission professionals who are bringing a fresh approach to putting wind in the sails of mission organizations."

- Durwood Snead, Retired International Director of North Point Ministries, Missions Consultant + Advisor

"They have a track record of executing on ideas."

"I'm excited about the potential of Compel Global to impact the way that we do missions mobilization! I know these guys and love their creativity."

- Dave C., Global Outreach Pastor, Park Community Church Chicago

The heart behind Compel Global comes from my experiences both as a Lead Pastor and a missions agency CEO.

Steve Harling, President

As a Lead Pastor, I was thrilled whenever one of our people expressed a call from God to serve on the frontlines of global need. My problem was that I didn’t know -- and didn’t have the time to figure out -- how to guide them.

As a missions agency leader, I hated having to turn away called people just because we didn’t have the right roles to connect them to.

We represent multiple agencies with hundreds of opportunities all around the world, so we can help you connect with a sending agency and ministry role that’s a good fit for you. We’re here to help you find your place of service in God’s global Kingdom.

Compel Global exists to help overcome these roadblocks.

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Prayer and praise go hand in hand. The Psalms model this relationship. On one hand, we bring our concerns to God. On the other, we give praise to God for how his character speaks to those concerns. 

This guide provides six ways to pray for the nations and praise God for how our world's troubles reveal his character.

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