We serve churches as they seek to raise up a passion for global mission within the minds and hearts of their people.

CONNECTIONS to agency and international partners who are specifically aligned with the interests and values of their church.

We provide our church partners with:


COMMUNITY with like-minded churches and ministry leaders. Through our Church Network, our members equip and encourage one another as they share their best practices of church-based mobilization and engagement.

COACHING for mission teams and individuals within their churches who want to make their next steps toward mission engagement.

We serve our ministry clients by connecting them with new giving partners and new missionary workers, to help them fulfill their mission.

A BROADER AUDIENCE of church partners, individuals, and potential partners.

We provide our agency partners with:

international ministries

MATCHING them with new giving partners who will resonate with their mission.

CONSULTING on mobilization and church engagement strategies. 

RECRUITING, SCREENING, AND VETTING of missionary candidates... for a fraction of the cost of what's traditionally spent to do these functions in-house.

We serve individuals by providing guidance through the discernment process of identifying the right opportunities to give or go.

It can be a confusing, if not paralyzing process for many - but we make it simple. We navigate your path to the nations.