At Compel Global, we’ve selected a small number of high caliber international projects to promote. These projects are led by indigenous leaders and are transforming lives and cultures where they work.

We know that stewardship matters, so we’re here to make sure that you’re only introduced to projects that are heavily screened and vetted, and have accountability and oversight structures in place. 

We invite you to invest in the kingdom through the work of these indigenous ministries…

Our purpose and passion is to help you find your place of joy and fulfillment in God's global Kingdom.

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We believe that the future of missions is in national believers transforming the spiritual and social landscapes of their own countries. We’ve met with many of these leaders from all around the world. They’ve inspired us with their vision, passion, spiritual maturity, and the impact of their ministries! But they need help in taking their ministries to the next level.

1) finding and engaging with givers who resonate with their mission, and
2) finding and enlisting goers from the U.S. who can train, equip, and serve with a posture of humility.

For most of these national leaders, having an ‘in-house’ partner-development and mobilization initiative is a cost they simply can’t afford. As a result, their potential impact for the Kingdom is hampered.

Through our shared service model, Compel Global makes partner-development and mobilization services attainable to ministries that could not otherwise afford them. We exist to match givers and goers with trustworthy national partners and the ministries they run.

Compel Global is seeking to develop a team of movement partners who share our passion for supporting spiritually vibrant international ministries. Your gift to Compel Global will enable our team to cast vision with pastors and churches, coach individual givers and goers, and connect God’s people with compelling global opportunities. 

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We dream of the day where our operational costs are fully underwritten by our movement partners. When that day comes, we’ll be able to offer our mobilization and development services at low- cost or no-cost to our ministry clients.
Dream with us. Join us in the movement!

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kampala, uganda

The Remnant Generation is a Ugandan led organization providing hope and healing for victims of sexual abuse and teen pregnancy. 

the remnant generation

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Thousands of young teenage women in Uganda are victims of sexual abuse and teen pregnancy each year. Because of the social stigma of teenage pregnancy, this often results in the abandonment of family and social circles – resulting in teenage homelessness for this vulnerable population. 

The Remnant Generation has provided prevention, restoration, and equipping consistently since 2011. In the ten years since their founding, they’ve been able to help hundreds of women through transitional housing, medical care, discipleship, counseling, and education. However, the need remains, and through the development of Hope City, they will be able to serve thousands more. Hope City will have 16 homes that can each accommodate vulnerable women and children, a school, birthing clinic, counseling and a community center.

hope city in uganda

total project need: $1,216,000

building 16 homes at $62,250 per home

Building a clinic & Birthing Center at $220,000

TRG’s current efforts will scale exponentially with the development of Hope City, a complex built on a 20-acre property outside the city of Kampala. Once built, Hope City will provide: 

Expected outcomes:

- Substantial transitional housing for up to 100 teen mothers and their babies 

- On-site trauma counseling and spiritual discipleship

- School of Purpose scaling, with job training and literacy education

- Formal birthing clinic  

- Recreational facilities to encourage overall health 

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tyre, lebanon

Thousand Lighthouses is an organization based in Lebanon that serves primarily Middle Eastern refugee populations by addressing both physical and spiritual needs.

1000 Lighthouses

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Refugees have flooded into Lebanon over the last decade in tremendous numbers, often fleeing conflict and persecution from the countries that make up the Middle East region – refugees often come from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and others. These refugees make it into the country with very little – often just the clothes on their backs. It’s into this space that 1000 Lighthouses has stepped in to make a difference. 

river of healing medical center

total project need: $200,000

This hospital is located in a predominantly Muslim area along the border between Israel and Lebanon. It will serve five nearby villages who have no other access to medical care. However, the vision extends beyond medicine. 1000 Lighthouses desires that this hospital will be a beacon for spiritual transformation – patients will be prayed for and will receive Gospel presentations alongside medical care. 

Expected outcomes:

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Since 2014, as part of a multi-faceted ministry effort, Thousand Lighthouses has provided medical care for the community in and around Tyre by providing medications and a weekly clinic, and a few medical teams from the US coming each year. Currently, the clinic sees 250 patients a month. 

The incredible community response to the work of 1000 Lighthouses has opened the door for the establishment of a full hospital in Teir Harfa, which is south of Tyre and just 20 minutes from Israeli border. This will be the only hospital between Tyre and Israel in this politically charged location. The hospital will host an inpatient pediatric and birthing medical center, and will also have an ER and operating room for basic procedures. 

Guinea, west africa

IBRA's mission is to reach the unreached with the Gospel. "We consider it a human right for everyone to have the opportunity to become a disciple of Jesus. With media as our primary tool, we reach open hearts in closed countries."


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The largest people group in Guinea is the Fouta Jalon Fulani. This semi-nomadic tribe of 38,000 speaks the Pulaar language. At present, this people group is over 99% Muslim. While there has been strong resistance to the Gospel, there is an emerging gospel testimony. 

fulani outreach center

present situation

We believe that this building project will enhance IBRA's media and Disciple Making Movement in Guinea and across borders throughout the Sahel region of Africa. It will also be a blessing to the local Church in the town of Labe by providing them with a place where they can safely gather. Finally, providing education for the Fulani children will open the hearts of the parents, create a more positive attitude towards Christians, and present many opportunities for Gospel witness.

Expected outcomes:

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Due to persecution, our local church partner in Guinea has had to move several times. By the grace of God, we have obtained land in a secure area and are getting ready to build. Our intention is to build classrooms for a primary school to serve the surrounding community (access ministry), and a simple recording studio, offices for follow-up ministry, and a larger room for church services.